Ortho-K is well suited for people of any age who are nearsighted. The FDA has approved CRT for people with up to six diopters of myopia (-6.00 on your prescription); the VST approval is for up to five diopters. Astigmatism can also be treated: up to -1.75 with CRT, and -1.50 with VST. Many doctors believe the best candidates are people who have low amounts of myopia, about four diopters or less.

The procedures can be performed on practically anyone of any age, as long as their eyes are healthy. Ortho-k holds particular appeal for people who participate in sports, or who work in dusty, dirty environments that can cause problems for regular contact lenses.

Because Ortho-k offers similar benefits to LASIK, it's also appealing to adolescents and teens, who are not eligible for LASIK. However, there are some concerns about corneal infections in young people who have used ortho-k, so it's wise to pursue this with an eye care practitioner who is experienced in treating this age group.

Although orthokeratology is safe and has a high rate of success, not everyone is a candidate for the NoLasik procedure.

Ortho-K is not recommended if you have:

• Acute and subacute inflammations or infection of the anterior segment of the eye.

• Any eye disease, injury or abnormality that affects the cornea, conjunctiva or eyelid.

• Severe insufficiency of tears - dry eyes.

• Corneal hypoesthesia - reduced corneal sensitivity.

Any systemic disease that may affect the eye or be exacerbated by wearing contact lenses.

• Allergic reactions of ocular surfaces or adnexa which may be induced or exaggerated by wearing contact lenses or use of contact lens solutions.

• Any acute corneal infection - bacterial, fungal or viral.